Dedicated Home Theater

Design a jaw-dropping smart home theatre system that rivals any cineplex by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio, high-definition video, best-in-class surround sound, an enormous smart TV or projection screen, and customized smart home lighting to complete the experience.

  • Watch video from multiple sources, including media players, hard drives and portable devices — or browse through them all simultaneously.
  • Hide all of your equipment in a closet and control everything with a single, easy-to-use remote or elegant touch screen.
  • Enjoy smart lighting throughout the room that dims when you press “play” and ramps back up when you press “pause.”
  • Control your whole home from the theatre, including adjusting the room temperature or seeing who is at the front door, without leaving your seat.

Multi-room Audio

Control4 Multi-room Audio To Complete Your Dream Smart Home Theatre System